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Car owners who are new to the refitting industry may not know much about how to refit, so they will encounter common mistakes in refitting. When it comes to car refitting, you will first think of changes in the appearance or interior of the car, such as the rear wing, wheel hub, body pattern, etc. Next, Jinan Audi specializes in analyzing the misunderstanding of the above parts modification
1、 Blind tailing.
It has become a fashion to install a tail, but not all models are suitable for the installation of a tail, because the function of the tail is to increase the stability of the body, which is more critical for large displacement vehicles, but for small displacement vehicles, the installation of a tail will have a certain impact on the speed.
The tail is a kind of spoiler. If the tail is simply added to achieve exaggerated or beautiful effect, it will have some negative effects. Because the function of the tail is to improve the downforce and dynamic balance of the car body when the car is running at high speed, but it needs careful adjustment to achieve the desired effect.
2、 Refit the turbine.
When the turbocharging technology becomes a trend, many people's hearts are also ready to move, thinking about giving their cars a turbocharging, but the expensive cost is an insurmountable gully.
At this time, the artifact appeared - electric turbocharger, low price, convenient installation method and the function of increasing power and reducing fuel consumption, let many people out of their pocket. The motor is set to the rear of the turbine blade, and the air is blown to the rear by the turbine blade, and then flows to the throttle after passing through an irregular motor and bracket. Its huge structure will cause great intake resistance, but it will cause intake difficulty at high engine speed.
3、 Refit the rectifier.
Through the internal research of automotive electronic rectifiers displayed by online businesses, it is found that the vast majority of automotive electronic rectifiers are capacitor arrays composed of large capacitors in parallel, and some of them are equipped with several relays as parking power-off protection. Its functions are claimed to be voltage stabilizing, rectifying, improving sound quality and so on, but I think its actual function is to use the capacitor array to improve and stabilize the voltage.
According to the principle of capacitance wave crest, when the regulator is 13.8V, the whole vehicle voltage may be as high as 15V when driving at high speed. In this way, although the on-board driving computer, DVD host and other electronic equipment also have voltage stabilization, because the on-board electronic equipment works in the range of 12V DC, plus the voltage stabilization of the battery, the design of the voltage adaptation range of the electrical equipment will not be too large, which will certainly cause the threat of high voltage impact and accelerate the aging of electronic components. According to the service regulations of most automobile manufacturers, 4S will not be guaranteed because the car owners have problems with their own equipment.
Car refitting has become a popular trend, so we need to know more about car owners in refitting to avoid misunderstanding, so that we will not be in a hurry when refitting.
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