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  With the rapid development of automobile technology, automobile manufacturers have done a lot of research on the structure design, manufacturing technology and material selection of automobile, hoping to develop a new type of safe, reliable, energy-saving and environmental protection automobile. Under normal circumstances, the body weight will consume about 70% of the fuel, so the first problem to reduce the fuel consumption is how to make the car lightweight. To lighten the vehicle from the material can not only reduce the weight of the body, improve the quality of the equipment, reduce the load of the engine, but also greatly reduce the resultant force of the chassis components, making the vehicle's handling and economy more excellent.
  And "light metal" said aluminum metal, because its quality is very light, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, elastic, high stiffness and specific strength, good impact resistance, good processing and forming, high reproducibility, so that the automobile lightweight become the first choice of materials. Aluminum alloy body is also favored for its low energy consumption, safety and comfort, and strong relative bearing capacity.
  1. Special gas shielded welding machine and shape maintenance machine for aluminum body
  Because the melting point of aluminum is low, it is easy to deform, and the welding requires low current, so it is necessary to use a special gas shielded welding machine for aluminum body. The shape repair machine can't click and stretch like the ordinary shape repair machine. It can only use a special aluminum body shape repair machine to weld the meson nails, and use the meson nail stretcher to stretch.
  Hardware requirements and precautions for aluminum body maintenance
  2. Special aluminum alloy body maintenance tool, powerful riveting gun
  Different from the traditional accident vehicle maintenance, the aluminum body maintenance mostly adopts riveting maintenance method, in which there must be a strong riveting gun. Special aluminum body tools must be used for maintenance, and cannot be mixed with steel body tools for maintenance. After the steel body is repaired, iron chips will be left on the tool. If the aluminum body is repaired, the iron chips will be embedded in the aluminum surface, causing corrosion to the aluminum.
  3. Explosion proof dedusting and dedusting system
  In the process of polishing aluminum body, a lot of aluminum powder will be produced. Aluminum powder is not only harmful to human body, but also flammable and explosive, so there should be an explosion-proof dust removal system to absorb aluminum powder in time.
  4. 独立的维护空间
  4. Independent maintenance space
  Due to the strict requirements of aluminum body maintenance technology, in order to ensure the quality of vehicle maintenance and operation safety, and avoid the pollution and explosion of aluminum powder to the workshop, it is necessary to set up a separate aluminum body maintenance station. In addition, carry out professional training for the maintenance personnel of aluminum parts, master the maintenance technology of aluminum parts, and how to position, stretch, weld, rivet and bond.
  Hardware requirements and precautions for aluminum body maintenance
  Precautions for maintenance operation
  1. 铝合金板局部拉伸性能不佳,容易产生裂纹。例如,由于复杂的发动机罩内板的形状,为了提高身体的拉伸变形性能在制造、使用高强度铝合金,延伸率已超过30%,所以在维护以确保尽可能不会改变形状,为了避免裂缝。
  1. The local tensile property of aluminum alloy plate is poor, which is easy to produce cracks. For example, due to the complex shape of the engine hood inner plate, in order to improve the tensile deformation performance of the body, high-strength aluminum alloy is manufactured and used, and the elongation has exceeded 30%. Therefore, maintenance is carried out to ensure that the shape is not changed as much as possible, and to avoid cracks.
  2. 尺寸精度不易把握,回弹难以控制。在维护过程中尽量采用应力释放法,使其稳定,避免回弹等二次变形。
  2. The size accuracy is not easy to grasp and the rebound is difficult to control. In the process of maintenance, stress release method should be used as much as possible to make it stable and avoid secondary deformation such as rebound.
  3. Because the milder maintenance collision of aluminum than steel and various dust adhesion and other reasons will lead to parts surface scratch, scratch and other defects, so clean the mold, equipment cleaning, environmental dust, air pollution and other corresponding measures to ensure the integrity of parts.
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